Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has its own advantages. With the emergence of new-age digital technology, there’s no question that internet marketing has set a new trend. Digital marketing has some clear advantages over traditional marketing, and some are listed below.

Comparatively low-cost

Ads and promotion is a critical part of any enterprise, but it’s a costly affair. Although paying out money may be fairly easy for big business, it’s difficult for small companies or start-ups. Marketing via digital channels, however, is more affordable than traditional methods. For a bare minimum investment, you can subscribe to an email marketing service and contact thousands of customers. While marketing via the newspaper, television and other similar media advertising costs a lot.

Higher ROI

For any organization or corporation, all that matters most is the return on investment. Digital marketing returns dramatically on small investments. Whether it’s email marketing or running ads on social media sites, it’s still cost-effective compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Real-Time Outcome

In the case of Traditional marketing, you can’t track anything and don’t see the effects instantly. Evaluating a campaign’s performance takes longer. Whereas digital marketing makes it easy to grasp the digital campaign’s success rate. You will tell whether a campaign runs successfully or not instantly. It’s also simple to calculate, e.g. number of views, conversion rate, interaction rate, etc.

Brand Creation

To some degree, any small or large business needs branding, even in the case of lead generation, being recognizable and accessible to the target market is very critical. A business is often recognizable through a brand awareness campaign. However, when the problem arises which form of marketing is more successful, digital or Traditional, digital marketing takes the winning position. A well-developed website, a high-quality blog and informative content, a social media platform, are some of the ways a business can build brand awareness. Unlike traditional marketing, you can continuously create your company’s image, whenever you want.


If we talk about traditional marketing, we are reminded of strategies that are genuinely insightful but not interactive. Upon reading a newspaper, you can discuss it among people or just keep it to yourself. Even when you see some advertisement, if you’re one of the target audiences, you may or may not take an initiative. You can not only communicate in real-time with your target audience, but also make timely, fruitful actions based on their feedback.


In the case of a traditional marketing tool, it is not always possible to cover a certain region or community, or simply to concentrate on one part of the population and neglect the others. In comparison, digital marketing will touch the whole world or you can even set your target audience accordingly. Through digital marketing, you can retarget the consumer based on their tastes. Even a person has an option to see an ad or ignore, enter a social media discussion group, or read or ignore a marketing email.


Because digital marketing uses internet marketing, it is easy to share advertisements or posts with several followers across different platforms. This in effect increases service/product or business exposure, which again helps to increase revenue and create better brand awareness.


With digital marketing accurately measuring your marketing efforts, tracking every penny you spend, gaging an ad campaign’s success rate becomes very easy and quick. You will immediately see which strategy works, not through Google Analytics, inbound traffic, conversion rate, interested audience, bounce rate and benefit.

Globally Accessible

The planet is now considered a global village. A digitalization paradigm shift has occurred. Now anyone sitting anywhere in the world can see any ad campaign whenever they want. Digitalization takes us together and creates a more interconnected, connected world than ever before.

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